7 Things to Read Before Choosing a Career


I’ve been researching how people choose careers and what things they should look at and avoid.

The career you choose has so many implications for your future. What you encourage your kids to do or avoid in terms of careers can affect not just their future incomes, but also their life’s happiness, satisfaction and overall quality. Hence the need to look before you leap.

Here are some interesting articles that everyone should read, regardless of age:

1. How People Choose Career Paths
This is the best research I’ve come across on career choices and its only a press release. Check it out. Its worth every minute you spend on it. Whether you are just starting out in life, mid career or nearing retirement and seeking options to keep you busy and happy, its worth your while. As for parents, its essential reading. It won’t hurt young people either. You need to know these things before you take a default path based on false assumptions.

2. Choosing a college major based on your personality: What does the research say?

This is for young people. On how to select a career that suits their personality. It applies to everyone universally if you just ignore the ‘college major’ references. The findings and points are valid for those selecting subjects at O/Ls, streams at A/Ls or deciding on university courses and other higher educational options.

If you don’t have time to read the whole thing, just read the ‘Take Aways’.

3. Four Keys to Enduring Success: How High Achievers Win

Form Harvard Business School Working Knowledge site, this is for everyone. But parents and children can learn a lot from this too. Every sentence seems useful. Lots of wisdom based on research. A decade old by still valid in every point it makes.

I’ve read the final research paper too, but this is far more informative. Plus that article is behind a paywall.

4. Who Sets Your Benchmarks?

Written by Professor Robert Steven Kaplan, the author of What You’re Really Meant to Do, this article explains the importance of early career decisions. Are you doing what you want to do? Are you travelling your own path or taking one of least resistance to please others or because you are unwilling to do hard work? A must read.

5. People may choose boring jobs if they think they are not being paid enough for the challenge.

I don’t really get this at all because I am not that kind of person. But I am sure there are people who fall into this trap.

6. People choose higher-paying jobs even if they know it will make them unhappy.

Again something I’ll never understand. But give it a read anyway, its interesting.

7.  The Surprising Key to Finding The Right Job For You by Heidi Grant Halvorson. She’s the Author of Focus, Use Different Ways of Seeing the World for Success and Influence with Columbia Business School’s Tory Higgins. This book is on my reading list. But in the meanwhile, this is an excellent article of how people have two distinct focuses and how their focus should be considered in career choices. Excellent piece.

I’d really be interested in hearing your comments.

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