Go the extra mile to find success

This is the beginning of an article by Harvey Mackay:

A man walking down a narrow, twisting road spotted a guru meditating on the grass.
“Excuse me, master,” he called.  “Is this the road to success?”

The old man nodded silently and pointed a finger in the direction the traveler was headed. He thanked the guru and hurried on his way.  An hour later the man returned, bleeding and exhausted.

“Hey!” he shouted to the guru.  “You told me that was the road to success!  I walked that way, and right away I fell into a ditch so deep it took me almost an hour to climb out!  What’s the matter with you?”

The guru stared at him, and then after 10 long seconds opened his lips to speak:  “That is indeed the road to success.  It lies just beyond the ditch.”

Interested in success? Why not go the extra mile and check out the rest of the post.

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