FIRST LINES from: Just Promoted!

Read first lines from Just Promoted! How to Survive and Thrive in Your First 12 Months as a Manager

By Edward Betof & Frederic Harwood



Introduction to Your First Year

Just Promoted!
An Introduction to Your First 12 Months as a Manager

Some people become managers with the grace of Baryshnikov and the coordination of an Olympic gold medal skater. Others, most, experience their first year of management as if they are tap dancing on marbles.  There’s a lot of energy and a lot happening, but very little that is certain, stable, or efficient.

During your fist 12 months as a first-time manager, or as an experienced manager in a brand new position of company, you will often feel out of control. This is a common feeling, whether you are a group leader, department head, or plant manager. But you can take steps to lessen that feeling and to maximize your chances for success in your new job. We will alert you to career-damaging circumstances you should be aware of, and we will guide you through specific actions that you should be engaged in during your first days, weeks, and months on the job. Equally important, we will show you what to do to ensure t hat your life outside of work, your friends, your family, and your health don’t get sacrificed to your new career responsibilities.

You will soon discover that moving into a new and important management position presents factors that are often simultaneously vexing and energizing…

© 1992 by McGraw-Hill Inc.

ISBN 0-70-005073-2 (paperback)

ISBN 0-70-005072-4 (hard cover)

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